Serial Numbers

I’ve been asked several times to give a breakdown of our serial number system.
In the beginning.
We did the month, year, and number of the banjo.
EX. 0698-0001   June, 1998, banjo number 1. All were Maple.
It is still the same system but we have now left off all the zero’s.
Humpy Wheeler (The race car guy) has 11-03-76…November, 2003, banjo number 76. That is the way we are numbering them at this time.
Then, the Mahogany banjos came along.
The first one went to Mickey Flatt…10-03-01. Month, Year, and banjo number.
The Walnut banjos are numbered the same. 9-04-1 was the first and it went to Jim Koeppel.
With Mahogany banjo number 11 and Walnut banjo number 3 we added an MH for Mahogany, and W for Walnut. (3-06-MH11 and 3-06-3W)
The engraved models.
Month, Year, Wood, banjo number, and the E for Engraved.
905MP1E. That is September, 2005, Maple banjo number 1 Engraved.
1105MH1E   November, 2005, Mahogany banjo number 1 Engraved.
905W1E   September, 2005, Walnut banjo number 1, Engraved.
Walnut Beanblossom:
905WBB1E  September, 2005, Walnut Beanblossom banjo number 1, Engraved.